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Why Choose Encore Dance for Your Child?

Experience, dedication, and a genuine love for dance for over 20 years is why we feel Encore is the right choice for any parent and child. We have all-around experience. This studio has a reputation in the local dance community that speaks volumes. Encore is not only respectful to our fellow dance studios, we are respected as a studio that produces well-trained dancers in a plethora of genres, as well as technical and entertaining routines. The expectations of an EDT dancer are extremely high inside and out of the dance rooms. Our instructors also have a great deal of experience. Each teacher started right where your child would begin. We all continually train and challenge ourselves to be better dance educators. Encore is also privileged to be able to offer master classes in a variety of genres from reputable, high-profile choreographers. Dedication is the backbone of Encore and continues to make us a success. There is an everlasting dedication to each child. This does not only apply to a proper dance education; it encompasses every child’s safety, enjoyment, and a camaraderie with individuals to create a team. Love for dance is simple. It is Encore’s driving force. No teacher, staff, parent, or dancer would be with us without it. Love for dance breeds the dedication that produces the experience.

Our Mission

Our main objective is to assist each student to reach his or her own potential and to experience enjoyment through dance. For over 20 years Encore Dance Theatre has provided the very best in dance education in our community. Our goal is to provide a fun, energetic and positive environment and we encourage each student to be the best they can be.

Twinkle Stars Dance

We love this program and are finding it to be a well-rounded, effective program for teaching technique to young dancers in a fun, accessible way!

It gives the studio more cohesiveness as dancers start out young and travel up in level as well as age. The program takes techniques and concepts that kids can grasp and makes them easy to learn.

It’s fun, age appropriate activities, music, & combos. It has a good schedule and the breakdowns work great.

Encore Dance Theatre is a top-notch studio where students build self-confidence, integrity and a technical knowledge in dance! Each family becomes a part of the Encore family and is welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff! It is the place to be for dance classes!

Misty Lown

Just the best.

Chastity Rivera

Encore is one of the best studios to be a part of! We have a team of parents, students and teachers that know how to act right, they provide age appropriate music for the kids and they have a ton of talent that comes out of that studio past and present. So proud to be part of such an amazing dance team.

Tina Filippelli

Encore is the best dance studio in Florida.

Patricia Marie

Much more than dance if you ask me! encore is about integrity, commitment, dedication and passion! it's my daughters home away from home.

Karen Cerna

This is my first year at encore and I love it with every dancer I felt the love in their hearts on stage. Thanks for a great year.

Alexandra Dastinot

I am very happy with Encore Dance Studio, my granddaughter is doing what she love to do dance since she was 2 1/2 with the help of Mrs Ann and her amazing staff!! Thank you!!!

Edna Budet

Our story with this amazing studio started back in 2010 when my daughter was only 2 years old. Mrs. Anne Brodsky the actual owner did a trial class for my daughter, since she was under age for the classes they had back then. She was able to start doing combo classes and the adventure begins. My daughter was hard to handle, hyper and distracted but still Mrs. Anne had the patience and love to keep teaching her every Saturday morning. I need to mention that we move to Doral and we used to travel every Saturday just for my daughter dance classes. I can’t be more grateful. My daughter has already 6 years of dancing at Encore. That is her passion and Encore Dance Theater is our second home. It’s like this is a big family and it has been my best decision ever.

Patricia Arias

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